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Is this site deserving of *your* award? If so, please E-mail me to let me know how to apply for it!

Is your site deserving of *my* award? If so, why not apply for it?


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Link Pix Gold Pawn Award

I have reviewed your site, and am pleased to tell you that your site has received my award! You should be proud of yourself, since I give my award only to the best sites out there, and more than half applications that I receive, do not meet the required criteria.

Team Creations Compliments Award
Thank you for the opportunity to look at your website. Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete web site evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our Award.

Cristina's General Award

I choose you as a winner after reviewing your site. The page is great, amazing, extraordinary and I enjoyed the visit. I'm offering you this award for all your work.

Sequoyah's Gold Award for Content and Design

We have completed our review of your site and found it worthy of Sequoyah's Gold Award.

Blue Ridge Mall Web Site Excellence Award
Blue Ridge Mall online shopping, proudly presents this Web Site Excellence award to NIGHT OWL MK. II in recognition of your contribution to the World Wide Web. Our judges found your site to be intellectually stimulating, inspiring and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Webus's Award
Hello and Congratulations!

We are pleased to announce that your submission for the Webus's Award has been approved.

Your site was reviewed for design technique and was found to be a concise design, contain clever usage of graphics and useful information. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit.

Medusa's Awesome Award for Week 13, 2000
Medusa's Gold Award

Congratulations you won Medusa's Gold Award and also this (13/00) weeks Awesome Award.

You have a really informative and awesome site, I like it very much. Keep up the wonderful work :O)

Ivy Gold Award
Congratulations, you have won the Ivy Gold Award. Here is how the scoring broke down:

Content: 10/10
    Wow, you cover so many great social issues, and the fact that you welcome responses from all sorts of people and their beliefs, it truly is a center for intellectual and philosophical discussion. You have a great concept, and you conduct the page and the issues with such a professional attitude and appearance.

Design: 10/10
    Your colors work, what else can I say? Your page is well designed, it's not too busy, but at the same time you don't have too much negative space. There are a lot of words, but the design is appropriate for what you're purpose is.

Navigation: 9/10
    There is the only one faux pas that I could observe, I found myself somewhat confused when I first went to the site. There weren't any links to be found on the screen that first came up, and I use a fairly large resolution (1024x768). (This may seem like a design issue, which it is, but it deals with the navigation bar, so I put it here...). Other than that, I didn't come across any broken links and I didn't get lost.

My Impression: 10/10
    I once had a vision to do something like this, but I couldn't put together commentary that I would invite a lot of people to come read and respond to. I do have strong opinions, but I just couldn't put them to elegent words. I admire your ability to convey your opinion, especially on this type of forum!

Total - 39/40 - 97.5% and an Ivy Gold Award.

Luuk's Excellence Award
A really excellent site. There's a lot of info and it's too much to read and go through all in once. I'll be back sometime.

Great site!! Congratulations! You've won my award for a job well done!!

Black Russian Terrier Award of Excellence
You have done a great job on your site.

I am honored to send you our award.

Scorpiosite Cool Site Award
Hi & Congrats

Great Site - And a worthy winner.

Designs by Rhonda Choice Award
Congratulations you won the "Designs by Rhonda Choice Award". This award is given to outstanding WebPages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your personal web site.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!

Niteowl's Best Site Award
Niteowl's Gold Award
This is Jack and Linda from Niteowl's Place

We have visited your site and found it very interesting and a beautiful site and we would be honored if you would accept our awards.

Decadent Muse
Well, well, out of the 100+ people who have applied for my award over the past few days, you're the only one who is getting it. Don't you feel special? Congratulations! My award is next to impossible to win but your site deserves it.

Great, intelligent content, good layout, and fast loading pages -- all equal an award in my book -- even though I may overlook everything else if I think the content is worthwhile.

So, congratulations once again and the award is yours.

Something Worth Surfing Award
Congratulations!! I am proud to award you my "Something Worth Surfing" award.

Gregg's Good Site Award
We reviewed your site and are pleased to give you our Good Site Award.

Vachel's Excellent Website Award
Your site has been viewed and found to be a winner of my award. You have a very nice site.

#1 Best of the Net Award
I am pleased to say that we have decided to put your site on our Best of the Net page, and offer you our Best of the Net award!
Your site qualified for our award based on the following criteria.
1) You have contact information (e-mail)
2) You have no broken links (at least none that we found due to the massive size of your site, we did not visit every link...yet)
3) Your site has content (you offer a great way for people to voice their opinions on subjects they might not have been able to.)
4) Your site is pleasing to look at, no gaudy backgrounds, hard to read text, etc

Suggestions the "judges" gave me are as follows:
- This has never happened to us. We could not come up with any suggestions for your site. Even in some of the best sites we have reviewed we can come up with at least three suggestions. Your site is incredible. We really like what you have done! As we brainstormed for suggestions we couldn't come up with anything that would actually make your site better. The only thing we did come up with was you might want to make it clear at the beginning of your entrance page where to click for the site map, instead of at the bottom. This will make it easier for someone who doesn't wish to spend much time trying to figure out where to go. You only have a window of seconds to attract your viewers attention. If they are confused about where to go, the map may help. Even this suggestion seems a bit lame though. GREAT JOB!

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