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Is this site deserving of *your* award? If so, please E-mail me to let me know how to apply for it!

Is your site deserving of *my* award? If so, why not apply for it?


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Tandilnet Great Site Award
Congratulations! You are a winner at Tandilnet! Your site meets the criteria for my Great Site Award!
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site and found it to be of a very high standard. I feel that your site met all the requirements necessary to win this award. You have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort on it and the results clearly show it.
I really liked reading many posts from your Philosophy of Life section. I bookmarked your site to continue reading the new ones.

Clan MacNeil in Canada Award of Merit
Thank you for applying for the Clan MacNeil in Canada Webpage Excellence Award. While your site's final review score was not high enough to win the Award of Excellence, I hope that you will accept our "Award of Merit."

ArtPro of the Web Award
Your site has won the "ArtPro of the Web Award"
Your site is excellent!
Keep up the good work and again, Thank You for applying!

Great Content Award
Congragulations. You have been chosen to receive the Canadian Country Gifts 'Great Content Award'. I enjoyed my visit to your site - thank you for inviting me.

Great Site Award
I recently visited your site, and found it to be very interesting and thought-provoking. A very nice layout and simple colors add to the ease of reading your content.

Bad Monkey Award
You have just won the Bad Monkey award...

Adamantium Award
I loved your site. Very very nice work. I found your site to be both excellent graphically, and contentwise. You're the second winner of the adamantium award, and will be linked in my winners site.

OzYouth Award
[No Comment]

The Reflections Award
After Evaluating your site, I am pleased to announce that your page, is definitely a winner. Only the best sites are chosen for my award therefore display this award with pride.

Web VooDoo Award of Excellence
I thought your website was very outstanding and deserved more than just an award of excellence

Kenny's Website Award
Yes you have won my award, thank you for applying

Standing Ovation Award
Congratulations, you are a winner of "The Standing Ovation Award" (rating 3.5). In reviewing your site I have found it to be of high quality and value, as well as being clear, concise, informative, kid-safe, and content-rich. The amount of time and effort you have put into your contribution to the web is evident as well as is the knowledge you possess concerning your subject matter. You should be very proud of the work you have done.

Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award
Congratulations! Your site qualifies for Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award. It was a pleasure to visit your site. It has a nice layout & was easy to navigate.

Even though my site does not meet the criteria, I would like to add that your awards program is great.

Keep up the good work & thanks for applying.

Truly Enlightening Award
You've won the Truly Enlightening Award. Congratulations on a really fun (and entertaining) website.

LadyJ's Excellent Homepage
A very unique and refreshing homepage you have! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you. I'm honored to give you my Excellent Homepage Award.

Simply Elegant Silver Award
Congratulations you have won our "Web site Excellence Award." In evaluating your site we found it to be creative, interesting and informative. Thank you for the opportunity to judge your site!

Night Eyes Excellent Content Award
Night Eyes Writing Award

You have an incredible page. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas. You are in the running for the 2000 Excellence Award. We only give one of these away per year. We were so impressed with your site that we have awarded you two awards.

1. Excellent Content
2. Excellent Writings


Top Award Silver
[No comments] Award of Excellence
I visited your web site last night and I have to say, what a great page you have. You should be proud of it. Navigation is easy and there were lots of things that kept me glued to your site. Congratulations!

Pinnacle Club Web Author's Choice Award
We toured your web site and feel that your site meets the criteria of our Web Author's Choice Award...Congratulations!

Your site in is very well thought out, informative and very navigable. A definite "Bookmark" on our system!

Tasha's Award of Web Excellence 2000
I've just come from your site, it is obvious how much thought and work went into its development. It would be an honor to give to you my award. I found the site to be highly informative.

Critics Choice Award for Web Excellence
I really like your site. Well thought out and displayed. I am a fellow member of Phenomenal Men as yourself.

Submission Spider April 2000 Award Winner

After reviewing your site, we would like to present you with our Spider Award.

When judging sites we look at overall design, color scheme, ease of use, maneuverability, load time, and theme.

Award of Merit
Congratulations on winning the Award of Merit!

Because the award is very prestigious, that means that your site is one of the absolute best on the Internet. Many sites enter, but very few make the cut. Your site has met and surpassed the award requirements for The Award of Merit. This award symbolizes excellence and high quality standards, all demonstrated by your website.

Again, we extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a successful website.

Kiss for Excellent Page
This really is a pleasure to hand over my precious award to you.

A+ Award for Design Excellence
Creative Thoughs Award

Congratulations you have won the "A+ Award for Originality & Design" & The "Creative Thoughts Award #2". Your site has been reviewed for (a) No errors (b) Good Content (c) Loading time and (d) Kid Safe.

Beth's Ultimate Award 2000
What a great site! Please accept my "Ultimate" award.

Joachim's Developers Gold Award
Congratulations Mark
You have won 'Joachim's Developers Gold award'
Maybe thanks to your impressive live, background and philosophy you have earned this very hard to get award. Maybe also because you are a homesite adept like me. But definitely you deserve this award for your interesting and well developed pages. A lot of material at your web site, but very well organized; something one sees quiet seldom. Of course the site is quick loading and easy to navigate, but what I love to see the most is web sites build like yours with a lot of interesting information but without too much of the good things.

Ronda's Award for Informative Website
Thanks so much for applying for my award and giving me the chance to view your site. You have done a wonderful job on it and it is easy to see why you won all of the awards that you have. The hard work and heart you put into it really shows through. I am happy to send you my award for informative website, with my compliments and congratutions. Congrats again on a job well done and I wish you continued success with it.

Shari's Web Design Award
Shari's Personal Homepage Award

I am pleased to send you my Personal Homepage award and Web Design award. Your pages deserve both.

Market-Tek Design Award
Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award!

Brandon's Elite Site Award
I am pleased to say that you have won my award....

Based upon my criteria for judging web sites you have to score 90 or above to win my elite award...With a score of 93 you are able to receive this award from me .....

Congrats and thank you for visiting my site....

Golden Poppy Award
Thank you for applying for the Golden Poppy Award. Your site really does indeed qualify as an excellent site. I'm glad you invited me to come for a visit.

Trophy Silver Award of Excellence

After a complete evaluation of your website, it is my honor to award you the Silver Award of Excellence. You have done a great job and it deserves recognition. Keep up the good work.

Eddnet Bronze Award
I have reviewed your site and found it worthy of the Bronze award. The content of your site was exceptional. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into the creation of this website and I hope you view this award as a reflection of your achievement. This award is not easy to win and you should be proud of it.

Mannis Award in GOLD
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Deine Homepage hat meinen Award in GOLD gewonnen! Deine Seite erreichte in der Wertung 50 von 50 Punkten. Der 4. Award mit der höchstmöglichen Punktezahl! Jede andere Bewertung wäre eine Frechheit! Eine sehr informative und übersichtlich gestaltete Homepage mit erstklassiger Navigation und einmaligem Design!

Your homepage won my Award in GOLD! Your page achieved 50 of 50 points in the valuation. The 4th Award with the highest possible point number! Every other evaluation would be an insolence! Very informative and clearly arranged homepage with first-class navigation and unique Design!

Meine Bewertung (My Evaluation):
Inhalt (Content)....................... 10
Navigation............................. 10
Design................................. 10
Ladezeit (Load Time)................... 10
Gesamteindruck (General Impression).... 10

Stardust's Award of Excellence

You've won my Award of Excellence. This is the highest award I give out. I enjoyed your site "NIGHT OWL" and look forward to coming back again. Also keep posted on the "Site of the Month Award" which I give to the best site of all the award winners. Excellent job on your site!

Sandrine's Cool Site Award
Congratulations... you won my cool site award!!!!

I visited your site and love it very much for its content: I really enjoyed reading essays and answers

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