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This page begins a text-only listing of the awards that this site has won so far. The graphic for any award may be viewed by clicking on the "Award #" link.

"Rating" gives the Focus Associates rating for the award (if applicable, else "NR" for Not Rated).

Please check out the main Awards page to see all the great graphics and the comments accompanying each award.

This page lists awards #101 - #198. To see the listing for awards #1 - #100, click here.

Award #Date AwardedAward NameRating
19809 Oct 00Great Site Award3.0
19702 Jul 00Clan MacNeil in Canada Award of MeritNR
19629 Jun 00ArtPro of the Web AwardNR
19511 Jun 00Great Content AwardNR
19431 May 00Great Site AwardNR
19328 May 00Bad Monkey AwardNR
19227 May 00Adamantium AwardNR
19123 May 00OzYouth AwardNR
19023 May 00Reflections AwardNR
18923 May 00Web VooDoo A+ Web SiteNR
18823 May 00Web VooDoo Award of ExcellenceNR
18722 May 00Kenny's Website AwardNR
18622 May 00Standing Ovation Award3.5
18520 May 00Divinity Designs Light of the Web Torch Award4.0
18415 May 00Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award3.0
18308 May 00Truly Enlightening Award3.0
18207 May 00LadyJs Excellent Homepage Award3.0
18105 May 00Simply Elegant Silver Award2.5
18004 May 00Night Eyes Excellent Content AwardNR
17904 May 00Night Eyes Writing AwardNR
17827 Apr 00Maestro Award of Excellence4.5
17725 Apr 00Top Award SilverNR
17625 Apr Award of Excellence2.5
17524 Apr 00Pinnacle-Club Web Author's Choice AwardNR
17423 Apr 00Tasha's Award of Web Excellence 20003.0
17322 Apr 00Critics Choice Award for Web Excellence3.0
17221 Apr 00Submission Spider April 2000 Award WinnerNR
17121 Apr 00Award of MeritNR
17021 Apr 00Kiss for Excellent Page2.0
16921 Apr 00A+ Award for Originality and DesignNR
16821 Apr 00Creative Thoughts AwardNR
16720 Apr 00Beth's Ultimate Award 20002.5
16620 Apr 00Joachim's Developers Gold Award3.5
16519 Apr 00Ronda's Award for Informative WebsiteNR
16419 Apr 00Shari's Web Design Award2.5
16319 Apr 00Shari's Personal Homepage Award2.5
16219 Apr 00MelanCHOLie I.Q. Award4.0
16118 Apr 00Market-Tek Design AwardNR
16018 Apr 00Beacon Award for Outstanding Websites4.0
15918 Apr 00Brandon's Elite Site Award2.0
15817 Apr 00Golden Poppy AwardNR
15717 Apr 00Trophy Silver Award of ExcellenceNR
15617 Apr 00Eddnet Bronze Award3.5
15516 Apr 00Mannis Award in GOLDNR
15415 Apr 00Stardust's Award of ExcellenceNR
15314 Apr 00Sandrine's Cool Site AwardNR
15209 Apr 00Link Pix Gold Pawn Award3.5
15109 Apr 00Team Creations Compliments AwardNR
15007 Apr 00Cristina's General Award2.5
14906 Apr 00Sequoyah's Gold Award for Content and Design3.0
14803 Apr 00Blue Ridge Mall Web Site Excellence Award2.5
14703 Apr 00Panda's Pride Bronze Award4.5
14603 Apr 00Webus's AwardNR
14502 Apr 00Medusa's Awesome Award for Week 13, 2000NR
14402 Apr 00Medusa's Gold AwardNR
14301 Apr 00Ivy Gold Award3.0
14231 Mar 00Luuk's Excellence Award3.5
14131 Mar 00Black Russian Terrier Award of Excellence2.5
14030 Mar 00Scorpiosite Cool Site Award2.0
13930 Mar 00Designs by Rhonda Choice Award3.5
13830 Mar 00Niteowl's Best Site AwardNR
13730 Mar 00Niteowl's Gold AwardNR
13630 Mar 00Decadent Muse Award3.0
13530 Mar 00Something Worth Surfing Award2.5
13427 Mar 00Gregg's Good Site Award3.0
13325 Mar 00Vachel's Excellent Website Award2.5
13224 Mar 00#1 Best of the Net AwardNR
13123 Mar 00Whispers Award of Excellence for Arts & Entertainment3.5
13023 Mar 00The Socrates Award for Thought Provoking ContentNR
12922 Mar 00Intune Website AwardNR
12822 Mar 00The Universal MandalaNR
12720 Mar 00Superb! 100 Website Award5.0
12620 Mar 00ASD's Rising Sun Award for Beautiful Page3.0
12520 Mar 00Pretty Girl's Pretty Website AwardNR
12419 Mar 00iNet Gold Award3.0
12319 Mar 00Worth Surfing For AwardNR
12219 Mar 00Sisters of Loyalty Excellence AwardNR
12119 Mar 00Babylon 5 Space Best of the Web Award3.5
12019 Mar 00Jeffrey's Excellent Home Page Silver Award3.5
11918 Mar 00Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence4.0
11818 Mar 00Lynx 2000 Silver Award, March 2000NR
11717 Mar 00Carmi's Award of Excellence2.0
11617 Mar 00WebGraf Great Site Award3.5
11516 Mar 00Reflections Award of ExcellenceNR
11415 Mar Creative Award3.5
11312 Mar 00ZimZim Award, Feb. 20002.0
11212 Mar 00MYOB Cool Site Award3.5
11112 Mar 00Silver Surfer's Gold Award4.5
11011 Mar 00Freestone's Award of ExcellenceNR
10909 Mar 00Black Era Excellence AwardNR
10809 Mar 00PsychoHelp Gold Award4.0
10709 Mar 00Aloha Award3.0
10609 Mar 00The Blue Words3.0
10508 Mar 00Krista's Korner Award Of Excellence3.5
10408 Mar 00Award World Special Winner, March 2000NR
10307 Mar 00BlackPanther's Award of Elegant WebMastery4.0
10206 Mar 00Canuck's Choice Award World Class Site!3.0
10106 Mar 00Candle Creations Excellent Web Site Gold Award3.0

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