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(R) Hey, what about the new Clintonorama? Arlington exceptions for campaign contributions.
(MB) If it's true (in even one case), it is absolutely reprehensible. Burial in Arlington is one of the highest honors that is reserved for veterans. To sell plots in that hallowed ground (especially for something like a campaign contribution) is to demean every veteran and to show contempt for the country's military.

(R) His fire control teams have already labeled this right wing extremist lies (read no hard evidence yet) that got into the hate (read conservative) radio shows.
(MB) When they can't just come flat out and say that it's wrong, I think we can safely say that there must be some truth to it.

(R) The really sad thing is that even if it is not true, it's so believable of this man and his appointees.
(MB) Sadly, this is correct. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the man's character -- if not also about the character of those who support him.

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