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(R) Clinton is as crooked as any other president.
(MB) I doubt that. While it's doubtful that any president has been lily-white, from all accounts Clinton is setting new standards for lack of ethics and dubious (if not criminal) behavior. (Of course, there are many who would support Lyndon Johnson as the standard-setter and I'd be hard-pressed to argue the point.)

(R) He is nowhere near Nixon's level of denial.
(MB) Clinton denies everything. You can't get any lower than that. Not only does he deny things, he does it in such a way that seems to say "Go ahead, do your best to investigate me. Even if you prove it, you still can't touch me."

(R) This campaign finance coruption applies to both sides as does the Savings & Loan debacle.
(MB) The Savings & Loan debacle was a corporate screwup. There was little choice for the government but to provide a bailout. The campaign finance problems are certainly bi-partisan, but only Clinton, acting from the White House, would be clearly in violation of federal law.

(R) Clinton is slick, I wonder what realy happened with Ms. Jones.
(MB) Depends on who you ask. There are several witnesses who would corroborate Ms. Jones. There is also the question of whether or not her claim of something distinctive about Clinton's genitals is true. Clinton refuses to consent to the examination that would prove her wrong. Of course, he has consistently refused to make public *any* details of his medical records -- the only president in history to have kept them secret. He sure *acts* guilty.

(R) I agree that education is the key to saving this country. But I hear lots of rhetoric (from Clinton to Gov. George Junior) but NO $$$$$$.
(MB) Any political issue will inevitably be surrounded by loads of rhetoric. In the case of education, we have thrown billions of dollars at the problem without success. What is needed are good ideas instead of more money. The first good idea we need is to scrap the nonsense about multicultural education and changing standards to placate whiners from minority lobby groups. Any given job requires a specific set of skills that don't change with regard to the job applicants' race, ethnicity, or gender. Either you can cut it or you can't.

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