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(R) Well you asked for replies.
(MB) Of course! How else to foster good debate and air out the issues?

(R) I'm a pretty simple individual. As I said in another reply, I see a lot of things in black and white. The Clinton presidency leaves no gray, its dark all the way. I even think the things he pushes like {insert liberal cause here} really mean nothing to him. Just a vehicle to garner votes from a group, not racial and not only economic, created by the liberal polices of the last 40 years that is a permanent underclass.
(MB) It seems fairly obvious that Clinton's main agenda for his first term was to get himself reelected to a second term. To that end, he was more than willing to adopt whatever popular position might grab a few extra votes. Too bad those same voters only saw him embrace their position and seemed to overlook the fact that he never actually *did* anything to further it. So, he ends up with media adoration and high approval ratings despite the fact that most of his supporters can't even list one single, concrete accomplishment of his.

(R) I see it in school, a college, every day. I give a pretest to my lower math and Physical science classes which asks to find the average of four 3 digit(or fewer) numbers and round to the nearest 10th. I run about a 25-30% success rate. the questions I ask about our country are about the same.
(MB) I'm currently an instructor at the Army's Computer Science School training new recruits and I see much the same thing. It's the rare student who can answer simple questions about basic math, science, and history. Many have no analytical skills and little aptitude or desire to learn or understand even basic concepts. Clinton has made a lot of brave speeches about improving education, but all he seems to have accomplished is to introduce midnight basketball programs.

(R) These people will have to vote for someone who promises them a living from someone elses money. They will never be able to support themselves.
(MB) Agreed. Even when given the opportunity to learn a skill that would give them a satisfying and very comfortable life, many won't make the effort. Do they really think they can live on government handouts or spend the rest of their lives doing nothing more challenging than asking somebody if they want fries with their burger?

(R) His misuse of power in accusing the travel office people of crimes and calling for an FBI investigation of them was just as abusive of power as anything Nixon did. Plus the almost daily other scandals.
(MB) Travelgate was particularly galling to me as I knew many of the people who were canned. They did an incredible job under tough conditions and were all professionals. The twits that took their places were a disgrace.
    Clinton is likely to spend his entire 8-year Presidency under constant investigation and is equally likely to escape unscathed. Why there is such a drive to protect him is unfathomable to me. Nixon was forced out for an offense that was less severe than several of the things that Clinton has been accused of doing. The media savaged Nixon, but protects Clinton from anything more than cursory criticism. Why?

(R) The 96 finances are a whole new item. This is worse than anything to do with Watergate. I was 33 at the time and remember it well. If this were a conservative, the media would be howling at his heels like jackals.
(MB) By now, I'm sure that Clinton could get away with just about anything. He has good reason to feel untouchable and that will just give him Carte Blanche to do what he pleases. If there's a good side to this, at least he'll spend more time raising illegal contributions than stumping for liberal legislation and social "reform".

(R) I can't believe when I see them in round tables that someone doesn't say "People, we have a President and VP who have broken the law and also covered it ." The people and the press ignore the fact that so many have pled the 5th and skipped the country. The cry for Campaign finance reform is ludicrous. We only need to enforce existing laws. 'Everyone does it' is baloney. I'm not a conspiracy nut but wow. This man is smarter than Nixon, there is little or no evidence and his friends don't talk.
(MB) If Reagan was the "Teflon President", what would Clinton be? At least the country seems capable of taking care of itself until the next election. Unfortunately, we may well be looking at Al Gore (or, worse yet, *shudder* Hillary) being pushed as the next President. Another eight years of the same nonsense?

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