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This is the place for players of the WCW Nitro Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast. Your contributions are always welcome! E-mail me with your best tips, decks, and championship contenders.

Here are some of the things you'll find here:

Listing and descriptions of all game cards
Updated: 08 Feb 01
Wrestler cards Wrestler unique cards
Blue Moves Green Moves
Magenta Moves Orange Moves
White Moves Yellow Moves
Thunder Orange Corner
White Corner Hardcore Expansion
Spoilers and Commentary

Lots of sample wrestler decks
Updated: 15 Feb 01
Goldberg Bret Hart
Tank Abbott Kevin Nash
Jeff Jarrett Sting
Vampiro Buff Bagwell
Hollywood Hogan The Total Package
Scott Steiner Sid Vicious
Diamond Dallas Page Billy Kidman
Brian Knobs Berlyn
Ric Flair Terry Funk
Scott Hall Disco Inferno
Norman Smiley Rey Mysterio Jr.

Competition for championships!
Updated: 10 Sep 00
World Championship U.S. Championship
TV Championship Hardcore Championship
Cruiserweight Championship Match Rules Championship

Other Featured Attractions
Questions and Answers
Updated: 25 Dec 00
A new shorthand system for recording all of the action in your games
Evaluation of different game strategies
Updated: 21 Jan 01
Sample games
Strategy Guide, Part 1
Updated: 21 Jan 01
Strategy Guide, Part 2
Updated: 21 Jan 01

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