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(Premium Cards)

This page contains spoilers and commentary for the complete set of Premium cards found in the Hardcore expansion set for the WCW Nitro Trading Card Game.

The "N/A/D" column lists the Nitro cost, Action Point cost, and Damage for each card (except that Wrestlers have their Reputation and Move colors listed in this column).

Card #
Rarity Type N/A/D Card Text
Prem White
4/2/- Unique. Provides 2 Nitro.
  My comments: Since it costs 4 Nitro to play this card, its use will help get you to the 6 Nitro (or more) level where the strongest cards start becoming a factor. Of course, being a Corner card makes it very susceptible to Corner Chaos or other such cards. That would seem to make Baby a card which should be used to set up the immediately following turn rather than something which can be relied upon to be in your Corner for a long time.
"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner
Prem Wrestler Rep 7, B/O/Y1 You always "holler" and go first in a round.
  My comments: Getting the jump on the opponent might be helpful, but this Special Ability is still comparatively rather weak.
Brian Knobs
Prem Wrestler Rep 6, O1/G/M Once a round, if a DQ comes up from the other player's deck, you may "get nasty" and ignore it.
  My comments: Knobs' Special Ability (essentially, a built-in No Holds Barred) would allow him more freedom to play illegal attacks. Since DQs may become more commonly-used in Hardcore decks, this ability could be useful, but I don't see it as one of the stronger Specials.
Cat, the Commissioner
Prem White
4/1/- Unique. Whenever a player plays an Orange attack card, that attack has no effect unless that player discards 1 card from his or her hand.
  My comments: This card will make it hurt for opponents to get hardcore.
Prem White
4/1/- Unique. Once per turn, you may spend 2 Action Points to put 1 card from your discard pile into your hand.
  My comments: Could be useful in getting important cards back into play.
Prem White
4/2/- Unique. Orange cards require 2 less Nitro.
  My comments: Having this card in your corner could really open up some weapons decks. With Norman Smiley's ability to retrieve four weapons from his discard pile, he may also want Chiquita to allow him to get them all into play more easily along with the stronger Orange Attack cards.
Date With a Nitro Girl
Prem White 3/2/- Search your deck and choose a Unique card. Put that card into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
  My comments: With some of the great Uniques included in the Hardcore set, this card could be a BIG help in getting the most out of them.
Hollywood Hogan
Prem Wrestler Rep 7, M/Y/G1 Once a round, you may "hulk up" and discard a card from your hand after you've played an Attack card that allows a Continue. Do the same amount of damage as that Attack card.
  My comments: Hogan gets a +1 for mat wrestling? Well, since Punches and Kicks are Green Moves, I suppose it makes sense. Hogan's auto-Continue Special Ability could be very strong at the right time.
Norman Smiley
Prem Wrestler Rep 3, O/Y/M Once a round you may "run away" and put up to 4 weapons from your discard pile into your hand.
  My comments: Smiley could be a very tough weapons decks.
Prem White
4/1/- Unique. Blue cards require 2 less Nitro.
  My comments: Could be useful in a high-flyer deck -- especially to help get off Flying Body-Press and Reverse Somersault from the Top Rope.
Ric Flair
Prem Wrestler Rep 5, O/Y/G1 Once a round, you may "go 'whoo'" and look at the next 5 cards in any player's deck and either replace them in any order or reshuffle that deck.
  My comments: Too bad that a legend like Ric Flair has such a low Rep. In game terms, though, this means that Flair will never give up extra points for losing a round and can gain extra points by betting the highest Rep wrestlers. Flair's ability is a Larry Zybysko on steroids and would best be used to check to see whether an opponent's deck had a nasty Thunder card waiting to stop a big attack.
Prem White
4/1/- Unique. Yellow cards require 2 less Nitro.
  Provides the same benefit for Yellow Moves that Chiquita, Syren, and Paisley do for other Moves. Magenta appears to be the only color not to have a similar Nitro Girl card.
Prem White
2/1/- Unique. Green cards require 2 less Nitro.
  My comments: With so many Green Attack cards being relatively inexpensive in Nitro cost already, this card could get Punch decks and Maneuver decks rolling very nicely.
Tank Abbott
Prem Wrestler Rep 9, O1/G/M1 Once a round, you may "roll over the competition" and discards 1 Nitro card from your corner and, on your turn, send the action out of the ring until your turn ends.
  My comments: Rep of *9* along with +1 to the two strongest colors!?!?!!? Unreal! These stats may well force players to make Tank one of their top choices. His Special Ability is also strong given all of the excellent "out of the ring" cards in the Hardcore set.
Terry Funk
Prem Wrestler Rep 5, O1/Y/B Once a round, if none of the damage from one of your attacks is stopped, and the referee is distracted, you may "hit your opponent with a chicken". The chicken counts as an Orange attack that does 10 damage and is illegal (this doesn't cost any damage points).
  My comments: Funk's Special Ability will be a danger at any point in the game.
Prem Wrestler Rep 8, B1/O/G Once a round, when another player plays an attack card, you may "brood" and put up to 2 cards from your hand face down on top of your deck.
  My comments: This is going to be a powerful Special Ability. Imagine a Payback and Reversal combo (or a DQ) coming up whenever Vampiro most wants one!

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