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(R) Wait a minute, now you are debating whether or not an historical Jesus ever existed?
(MB) No, I'm just referring to scholarship that has cast doubt upon it. Here is a link you can use if you'd care to read a few papers on this subject.

(R) Do you have to eliminate every bit of substance of Christianity before you can convince people?
(MB) Nope. Only the ones that are unsupportable.

(R) Well why would Jews and Muslims believe such a man existed when they see him as simply a mortal, earthly man?
(MB) Neither the Jews nor the Muslims believe that Jesus was the Messiah or that he was anything other than a mortal man. In the case of the Jews, this is of critical importance. They were first-hand witnesses to the life and times of Jesus and still were not convinced that he was the long-awaited Messiah. What makes the Christians right and the Jews wrong about this?

(R) It seems that you are really reaching if you have to go to such extents to disprove Christianity.
(MB) Not really. It would seem to me that any belief system is going to be ascribed the importance of Christianity, then its basic tenets should stand up to scrutiny. Unfortunately, the foundation is rather weak. One cannot build anything solid upon a weak foundation and expect it to stand up.

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