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(R) oops, you made a mistake my friend. When i stated that the blood flows on the feet defied gravity it was in reference to the book "the jesus conspiracy"pg 293. You see the entire context of this book was to prove the shroud was real, because the blood flows showed the body was still bleeding after crucifixion, the man in the shroud did not die, but was rescued.
(MB) There's no way to demonstrate such a thing. All that might be deduced is that blood was transferred from the body to the Shroud. One cannot say exactly when that happened or if the body was actually alive or not when the transfer took place.

(R) All wounds showed two blood flows, those which were partially dry(crucifixion) and more, massave flows which occurred when the body was laid flat.
(MB) Again, there's no way to deduce this. Dried blood is still dried blood. After nearly two thousand years, it is absolutely impossible to determine a time difference of mere hours between the drying of various samples.

(R) Example the side wound bled profusely while the body lay on its back(evident by blood flows), yet the one area the fake shroud maker overlooked was the feet, it is the only area that doesnt have blood flowing while the body is prostrate.
(MB) If the body was laid prostrate in a position such that the feet were even slightly elevated, we shouldn't expect to see much, if any, blood in that area at all. If the body was carried by hand for any distance (which is very likely, even if only to transport it to a cart), it would likely have sagged in the middle due to the higher concentration of body weight and forced blood out through a side wound. Such a position would also have caused blood to drain away from the feet and not flow out through them.

(R) If one were to ask any doctor, dead bodies laying on their back cannot bleed through a side(front lower chest) wound.
(MB) See the scenario described above. Also, while the body was still on the cross, the side wound would likely have bled profusely. There would have been ample time and opportunity for significant blood flow prior to any time where the body may have been laid flat on its back.

(R) Please read the above mentioned book, you will love its insight.
(MB) The "insight" of that book would seem to have missed a few considerations. In any case, the clincher is that no experiments actually performed on the Shroud have shown it to contain any blood at all.

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