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(R) In what we here term the "new" South Africa, political correctedness is perceived by many (certainly the gov't) as a tool that will help redress many of the wrongs that occured in this country as a result of the previous political system. This makes its a good target for satrists...
(MB) The difference here in the US is that "political correctness" is an outgrowth of the *current* political system...*grin*

(R) there is a popular cartoon strip called "Madam and Eve" running here that examines the changing roles of black domestic servants and their employees "madams" in a somewhat lighter vein. One that caught my eye was here:
(note the "PC" title of this day's strip!!)

The main site is at:

Many of the references are local but there are some (look in the archives) like Bill's recent visit out here that can be appreciated by anyone...


(MB) Thanks for the links! I'm sure that many readers will get several good laughs from those cartoons.

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