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(R) The problem with political correctness, is who sets the standards? It is a very poor imitation of moral's set down by religion.
(MB) Why does there need to be any standards at all? Can't we use plain and precise language to refer to something instead of having to camouflage whatever one might consider unpleasant in lame terms? The language of political correctness is nothing more than an admission that one can't cope with the issue under consideration.

(R) It has all the problems that you and others have pointed out with none of the positives of religeous morals.
(MB) I agree. Of course, I'm not convinced that religious morals have many "positives" going for them, either.

(R) Praying for you, and all who read your essays.
(MB) Although I don't buy into utility or effectiveness of prayer, I certainly understand and acknowledge the sentiment expressed here.

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