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(R) You asked about why Sitchin included Earth's moon and the sun as planets. He claimed that the Sumerians claimed our moon was about to achieve its own orbit independent of Earth.
(MB) One wonders how the Sumerians could possibly have come up with that idea. They had no instruments with which to measure such a thing and there is no possibility of such a thing being witnessed by the naked eye.

(R) Thus when the invading 12th planet of Nibiru entered our solar system from deep space for the first time it encountered Kingu (our present moon) and not Earth but Tiamat. The resulting passage of the invading planet and the two bodies in its way resulted in the rendering of Tiamat in half (the separation point represented by the present Pacific Ocean area) leaving the torn off matter partially as the asteroid belt and the rest hurtling off into orbit as comets. The remaining part of Tiamat plus Kingu were hurtled into new orbits which is where Earth and its satellite the Moon are at present. Here again, Sitchin states it much clearer than I ever could.
(MB) Even the most rudimentary understanding of celestial mechanics clearly shows that this scenario barely even qualifies as being farcical. Such a catastrophe would have wiped out all life on Earth and left it in a state from which it still would not have recovered. There could not possibly have been any surviving Sumerian witnesses to write about it. The Moon would not be in its current state of captured rotation (the reason why we see the same face all the time) if the events in Sitchin's scenario had happened. Also, any ejected material from the collision would have settled into an orbit nearer to the Sun and not where the solar system's asteroid belt is located.

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