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(R) Im a statelaced guy, dont belive in much of this, but as a child i fell off a cliff, stopped in mid air and was placed(raised) gently back to safety. What could this have been?
God?(dont believe)
Ghosts?(again why?)

(MB) Not having any of the relevant facts of the matter to examine, I couldn't even begin to make a valid guess. I've experienced similar things as a child while dreaming and the memories are quite strong. Time tends to blur the line between dreams and reality in these cases. There are still some things that I "remember" from childhood that may or may not actually have happened. I couldn't begin to say whether they were fantasy or reality, but I must assume that the stranger they were, the more likely they are to be fantasies. Without any evidence to verify the experiences, there's nothing to justify them as being anything real.

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