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(R) For the most part, I echo your sentiments. I agree that marriage should be a renewable contract, and I agree that, for the most part, human males are not monogamous by nature and all manner of ill feelings and violence can result in trying to make them so.
(MB) Yep. That comes from the eternal clash between our biology and our morality. You can encourage "moral" behavior but attempting to legislate it only causes more problems.

(R) I also agree that our society is entirely too focused on what each other is up to. Live and let live. An it harm none do as ye will. Turn the other cheek. Get the fuck out of my backyard. Whatever.
(MB) I think that many people are simply worried that somebody else might actually be having a good time and enjoying their life. You did well to invoke the primary philosophy of Wicca in your list. I can understand why it's becoming more popular all the time.

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