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(R) No, my wife and I have never had any problems because of the unique manner in which we married ourselves. It's a funny thing, though, when we went to get the marriage license, I told the clerk that we wished to wed ourselves and she got a weird look on her face and asked me where I heard it was legal to marry ourselves. I responded with repeating my request for a license and she very grudgingly handed me the application. When I went back to the desk to turn it in, she told me that the County Clerk had personally requested that I divulge the source of my knowledge. I told her I had just heard it somewhere and asked why the big deal. She responded with (I will never forget this, it is a direct quote) "We don't like to encourage this sort of thing, it's not proper." I nearly knocked her over with my hearty guffaw! Go figure.
(MB) That would seem to be an all-too-common response from someone who had just had their "common wisdom" challenged. Once you have an actual legal marriage license, that's all that most places require. I can't say I've ever run into an instance where anybody bothered to check up on the signature or credentials of whoever performed the marriage in order to find out if everything was on the up-and-up. Of course, the Catholics will still consider you not to be legally married in their eyes, but that just means you can enjoy "living in sin".

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