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(R) In that case you would be jumping into to bed with every one you meet. At todays standards that is unhealthy.
(MB) While such a thing would certainly entail significant health risks, that sort of behavior is not what I was talking about in my essay. I said that it is highly unlikely for a man to ask for a date from a woman to whom he was not sexually attracted. I'm sure you would agree that all men have female friends and acquaintances to whom they are *not* sexually attracted and would, therefore, be rather unlikely to ask out on a date.

(R) Getting to know someone is not only phyical chemistry, can he stand her friends and ideals? Also if she can stand football all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Not to mention Monday night and Thursday night.
(MB) Sure, if you're looking for a lifelong companion, you need to investigate much more than sexual attractiveness. But, how many guys have asked for that first date solely on the basis of the fact that she likes watching football?

(R) One should not comprimize ones self just to accomadate another.
(MB) In an ideal world, that would be the way to go. However, all relationships end up involving some degree of compromise. How much or how far each prospective partner is willing to go for the other is likely to determine the lasting success of the relationship.

(R) There is someone out there that likes what you like and if you take the time to find it, you can find a lasting relationship.
(MB) A few people get lucky enough to have that happen. The rest of us end up having to perfect our skills at compromising or must be willing to make a few changes.

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