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(R) What always gets to me is that Creationists, a good many of whom believe that their God is all-powerful, abjectly refuse to believe that he could have created Evolution. If he's all-powerful, why not?
(MB) Evolution theory says nothing directly about any religion or deity. The majority of sects of Christianity have no problem with the idea that evolution may be God's instrument for directing the progress of the living things he created. It is only the Fundamentalists whose treasured beliefs are jeopardized by this idea. This is because to accept such an idea would, by necessity, be an admission that the Bible is not literally true. Such an admission would seriously undermine the entire foundation of Christian Fundamentalism and Creationism. Needless to say, that would be rather difficult for them to do. Therefore, they will continue to hold and promote nonsensical beliefs in order to preserve their larger doctrine. The sad part is that there are others who might be fooled into sharing those beliefs...

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