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(R) My dear fellow, both are correct and true.
(MB) Evolution, however, is the only one of the two for which we have any confirming evidence.

(R) We were created artificially by the gods when they took the sperm from one of their males and fertilized the egg taken from a female ape that was native to earth.
(MB) Sounds like a rather inefficient way for the gods to act.

(R) Now we would have eventually evolved had these gods not intervened with their genetic upgrading or should I say artifical husbandry but it probably would have taken another 500,000 to a million or so years.
(MB) In fact, that's about how long it took.

(R) Whatever happened to the quest for the so-called "missing link"? The reason they looked for the missing link was because even the evolutionists couldn't fill in all of the gaps in man's sudden inexplicable rise to prominence.
(MB) The "missing link" is nothing more than the exact species that denotes the common ancestor from which Man and Ape each descended. It is only "missing" since we haven't yet proven beyond a doubt which of several candidate species is the right one.

(R) The gods created us from existing creatures approximately 300,000 years ago and they did so not so we could worship them as the christians claim but they created us so we could work for them as slaves----isn't that a laugher?
(MB) Well...that timeline (not to mention that scenario) doesn't equate with anything either in the fossil record or in human history.

(R) You can bet your scientific ass they will return to earth any century now too because even gods don't throw away or give away summer cottages to any squatter who sets claim!
(MB) Since this will likely not occur during my lifetime, I doubt I'll spend too much time worrying about it.

(R) You know we wouldn't have all these religions floating around today if the gods had simply left us decently educated men when they departed.
(MB) Perhaps. I guess it's just up to us to improve our education so that we may eventually dispense with the notion of religion.

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