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(R) I am a 16 years old student and I am doing a webpage ( topic : life ) for Thinkquest competition 99 . So I need to know about other people view and beliefs. I would be grateful if you would take some time to answer some of my question.
(MB)Sure! Your project sounds like a very worthy one to me. Please send me the URL for your webpage when it is finished so I can see what you've done!

(R) Question 1 : Can you explain briefly what is evolution and creationism all about ?
(MB)This is the debate between two competing theories of the development of life on planet Earth. "Evolution" is the popular name for a collection of scientific theories which describe the natural and undirected processes which have combined to produce the current diversity of life from its humble beginnings as organic compounds. "Creationism" is the American Fundamentalist Christian view that the deity "Yahweh" (or "God"), which is worshipped by those Christians, is solely and entirely responsible for the creation of life and, indeed, everything else. It is also the view that the Hebrew holy book of Genesis contains a completely accurate and scientifically valid description of this creation.

(R) Question 2 : What theory do you believe in ? ( evolution or creationism ) Why ?
(MB)I believe in evolution since all available evidence strongly supports it. There is no objective evidence whatsoever to support the Creationist view and numerous devastating arguments which disprove it.

(R) Question 3 : What is the meaning of life to you ?
(MB)"Meaning" assumes that living beings were created for a purpose. If one doesn't believe this, then "life" could be correctly said to have no "meaning" at all. I like to quote a profound line from Kafka, who said: "Life has meaning because it ends". That works for me!

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