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(R) In regards to your reply #22, the person states that evolution sounds like mumbo-jumbo because it is quite obvious to the person that life did not spring from nothing. You then correct him, pointing out that life is formed from the same elements as the nonliving world.
    This is an incredible statement. It is akin to stating that there is no difference between an automobile and iron ore, aluminum ore and the crude oil use to form plastics since all are composed of the same elements!

(MB)At the most basic level, there *is* no difference. All are composed of the very same atomic and sub-atomic particles which don't change their properties when they combine in different ways to form different things. At this level, there can be no difference between living and non-living things, so there is no need to dispute that life can come from non-life.

(R) What the difference is, is a vastly higher level of information content and DESIGN. This evolution does not explain, except by smoke and mirrors and bluster
(MB)Evolution doesn't explain this because there's nothing substantive here that needs to be explained. There is no evidence of any special design or of anything that could not have arisen by natural processes. As for "information content", there is no more "information" in the component particles of a human being than in an undifferentiated pile of non-living particles. Indeed, a living creature and the same creature who is dead contain exactly the same amount of information.

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