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(R) You ask for proof of God. What would you accept as proof ?
(MB) How about showing me just one thing in the Universe that could only exist if it had been created by God? How about describing God for me in such a way that there can be no doubt that he exists? How about telling me why those who believe in God have the story "right" and why those who believe in other deities have the story "wrong"?

(R) SETI when searching for intelligent life in the universe looks for patterns. Why ?
(MB) Because any communication signal that would be produced by an intelligent civilization would not be random noise if it contained any coherent data. Even if we didn't understand the language being spoken, there would still be discernable patterns embedded within it.

(R) because patterns do not happen in a random basis. There must be an intelligence behind it.
(MB) Patterns could happen by coincidence. After all, a "pattern" is just another of the numerous possible arrangements of things. We also tend to see (or invent) patterns simply because we are looking to find them. That's why people "see things" in the essentially random shapes of clouds, for example. If we received a short and non-repeating SETI signal in which we found a pattern, that would not be conclusive evidence that it originated from the actions of an intelligent being.

(R) Therefore, please explain how life which is a very complex pattern came about. And I am not talking about the basic building blocks which you say are self organizing, explain how the human eye could be chance, or the human hand.
(MB) You can't discount the self-organizing components of life. Without them, there *is* no life. All else is produced by the accumulation of mutations during the reproduction and assembly of those components -- including the human eye and hand.
    The eye has evolved at least 8 different times throughout the various species of animals. In some species, it is very advanced. In others, it is still a primitive structure. To read more about this, select the link below.
[Read about the evolution of the eye and color vision]

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