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NOTE: This reply contains the text of several E-mail messages which leads into a discussion which begins in Reply #14. I post the messages here so that the reader will know the background for the discussion that is to follow.

[Initial message...received 18 Mar 98]
(R) I think there's a web site ( you need to check out. buget about 30 minutes of your time so you can sit down and understand the nonsense you have posted on your page. And after you go there email me with any questions you have I would be glad to answer them.
(MB) Thanks for the site URL. I will check it out and let you know what I think. In the meantime, perhaps you could expand upon your comment by being a little more specific about just what "nonsense" you are referring to and why you consider it to be such. I'd be happy to discuss any and all questions with you, as well.

[1st reply...received 18 Mar 98]
(R) I was a little unsure of how you viewed Creation vs. Evolution. But go to that web site I sent you earlier and see if you share the same views. If not explain to me how it's possible not too.
(MB) I don't see any information on that web site that pertains to the Creation vs. Evolution debate. All I see are two rather lengthy RealAudio sermons about atheism. Am I missing something? Is there a text transcript of these sermons which I could obtain and study? A decent response to what is being said can only be possible if I have the text to address and correctly quote from. If this is not possible, could you please summarize any objections you may have with what I have posted on my site?. You may also wish to state your own views in favor of your side of the story. I am interested in discussing this with you, but I will need a place to begin.

[2nd reply...received 18 Mar 98]
(R) Listen to those real audio files. if you want documentation on creation vs. evolution give me an address I'll send you some.
(MB) I can (and regularly do) go to the Talk.Origins web site ( and find all the information that anybody could ever want on this subject. I also own many books which deal with it. I rather doubt that any sermon is going to contain any new insights into the Creationist view of things and I really don't have the time to listen to them only to verify that fact. Also, if I am to properly address anything said in the body of those sermons, it is imperative that I must have a transcript of them to work from. This will ensure that I neither misquote, misattribute, mistake, misunderstand, nor forget about anything contained within them. Given such a transcript, I would be more than happy to post and respond to their salient points.
    Alternatively, if you would care to summarize the main points of those sermons for me, I would be happy to discuss them. I'm sure there must be one or two specific issues which you'd like to bring up. Please do so!

[3rd reply...received 20 Mar 98]
(R) Ok I'll have documentation on the page with in the next day or so...hit the site again an there will be documentation there.
(MB) Ok, I'll keep checking for it.
    I notice that you renamed the "3 Things Atheists Should Know" RealAudio sermon to "Creation vs. Evolution", but the content is still the same. Which subject is that sermon really about?
    The name of your site is "Here's Hope". That begs a couple of questions. First, one must ask about just what sort of "hope" is available on your site? Second, can we assume that there is no "hope" without the information or religion that your site promotes? Why?
    One more question... Who's Frank Harbor? The sermons on your site identify him as the author, but I can't find any information about him.

[4th reply...received 21 Mar 98]
(R) Frank Harbor,
He was an atheist for 21 years then set out to disprove creation but after a long study he ended up proving it. But if you want a copy of his book drop me an address and I'd be glad to send you one. The web site they refer to at the end of the second RA file I haven't been able to find anything about Frank Harbor. But there is a phone number if you want additional information on creationism and or atheism.

(MB) I've been able to find no information at all on any Internet search engine about Frank Harbor. Do you have a proper web site URL for him? I've also not been able to find any reference to any book written by Frank Harbor. Is it available anywhere?

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