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(R) Aside from the fact that you seem to feel Liberalism is a bad thing, I agree with most of what you say.
(MB) Liberalism, per se, is not a bad thing. But, like anything, it can be taken to dubious extremes. Unfortunately, those who are seen as the leading spokesmen for liberals tend to occupy the extreme left and give a false impression of how many Democrats actually think. The same can be said for the extreme right wing of conservatism. We should rightly be wary of either extreme.

(R) However, the President is just a man, and the office of the Presidency is not infallible.
(MB) On the surface, that's very true. However, the man in that office is looked upon as a standard setter for the nation. After having worked there for six years, I'm very well aware of the effect that the President has with everything he does. Even thought Clinton's various foibles are anywhere from laughable to appalling, I don't think he'd have earned the "Slick" reputation if he would just have been honest about what he does. But, when he stands and smiles while telling bare-faced lies, it's little wonder that he ticks people off.

(R) As soon as people realize where the real decisions are made, we'll all be better off, but then that may require armed revolution, and who wants that?
(MB) Our form of government works well enough as it is. We're better off firing our shots in the voting booth. But, we need to ensure that we are properly educated on the candidates before pulling the lever. It's blatantly obvious that most people who voted for Clinton (twice!) did so without much thought.

(R) I didn't vote for Clinton in either election. In the last four Presidential races, I refrained from making a choice (left it blank) and concentrated on the important issues that were on the ballots.
(MB) Better to leave one's ballot blank than to vote for a bad candidate. Some people say that you should vote *against* a guy you don't like, but what if the other candidate is just as unacceptable? The other issues on the ballot are important and are usually much easier upon which to cast an informed and meaningful vote.

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