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(R) Hi! I don't think that it is fair for getting a fine for chewing bubble gum!
(MB) Remember that this is Singapore law and not US law. What Americans might think is "fair" doesn't really matter.

(R) Why don't they allow that in Singapore? Bubble gum can't do any harm to anyone, plus, it's like telling people that they can't eat!
(MB) Singapore has a reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world and they work very hard to keep it that way. The reason for the stiff fine for gum chewing is not the chewing itself. It's because of the problems that they had experienced with all the nasty wads left behind when chewers discard their cud.
    The wads can present health problems since they would contain any nastiness that may have been in the mouth of the chewer. The wads also cause problems when people step in them, sit on them, or have their clothing come into contact with them. Plus, they're eyesores and are difficult to remove. If the wad was placed on a painted surface, it's likely that extra cost will be incurred to touch up the damaged paint.

(R) Bubble gum isn't illegal, so it should be allowed!
(MB) Candy bars aren't illegal, either, but throwing the wrappers on the ground certainly is. Singapore considers the cleanliness of their city more important than the bad habits of an individual. Therefore, since they had such a problem with the wads left behind by inconsiderate chewers, they decided to ban gum chewing altogether.

(R) Please write me back and tell me more information on this. I will need this and other information on bubble gum for a project about gum that I am doing for school. The brands I am researching are Bazooka, Bubblicious, Bubble Yum, and Sonic Boom. If you add some information on those brands to your website, it would be a big help to me! Thank you for your time and cooperation!
(MB) I'm sure that those manufacturers have websites dedicated to their own products. Perhaps, you could write about why people need to chew gum in the first place and why they have so much trouble properly disposing of their wads. Good luck on your project!

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