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(R) Are you some kind of loser that has had to clean gum off of the bottom of tables and jack?
(MB) Nope. I'm just one of the millions who have had various problems with the nasty wads left all over the place by thoughtless gum chewers.

(R) You have to be one of the dumbest people that I know.
(MB) You can make that assessment based solely upon my essay on chewing gum?

(R) Gum freshens the breath,
(MB) Gum can't freshen breath since bad breath comes from the effects of digestion in the stomach. Food doesn't stay in the mouth long enough to decay and produce any noxious odors. The best gum can do is attempt to cover up a bad smell with its own smell -- which is not necessarily pleasant.

(R) cleans you teeth,
(MB) That might have some validity only if one chews sugarless gum. In any case, any purported teeth cleaning would be accomplished within a few minutes of starting to chew. Why is it necessary to chew all day long?

(R) keeps you more alert,
(MB) Now, *there's* a new claim on behalf of gum. Over the past 4+ years of teaching computer science to new soldiers in the Army, I'd have to say that gum chewing (especially of the vigorous kind and including bubble blowing) is more of a distraction that hinders the ability to concentrate on the subject matter.

(R) it tastes good,
(MB) So do about a billion other things that don't create the problems associated with gum chewing.

(R) and it substutes that craving for food.
(MB) Somehow, I've never pictured chewing gum as being part of a diet program. This also doesn't explain why so many fat people chew gum.

(R) Your reporrt sucks!
(MB) You failed to address the questions about why such a high percentage of gum chewers are unable to chew without making so much noise. You also failed to address my point that gum chewing seems to be so popular because of its seeming ability to relieve stress.

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