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(R) Personally I don`t see what all the fuss is about. You seem to imply that all gum chewers are noisy horrible yobs when that is simply not the case.
(MB) I imply no such thing. However, so many chewers *are* noisy horrible yobs that it is something which inspires comment.

(R) I think you need to get a life there are much worse things these people could be doing.
(MB) That's not a viable argument. If it was, you would have to agree that robbery would be OK just because murder is so much worse. Yes, there are worse things people can do, but it's much easier to correct lesser evils.

(R) O.K so it can be really annoying but not worth all the fuss you`re kicking up about it.
(MB) How do you know that? There are more than enough people who are annoyed by barbaric chewing habits that the proliferation of those habits points to a growing attitude in chewers that they just don't care. I have yet to hear any explanation of why so many gum chewers can't do it quietly and why they can't properly dispose of their nasty wads? "Get a life" is not an answer. If there's a good reason why these people can't chew gum without sounding like Swamp Thing slogging through the underbrush, I'd like to hear about it.

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