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(R) Really it's only gum. It freshens breath, cleans gunk out of teeth when you don't have time to brush and is generally pleasant.
(MB) Certainly, simple dental hygiene is not the overriding reason why people chew gum. Even if it was, what's the need for them to chew gum all day long? Are their teeth that nasty? And, what hygienic purpose is served by the cracking, chomping, and other noises?

(R) I've seen a lot of people who would really be better off with a couple of packs of gum. Some people are really exceptionally filthy and stinky.
(MB) Granted. But, I can't smell bad breath from across the room. I *can*, however, hear the constant shlomping and smacking of gum. If bad breath is the big problem, something like BreathAsure tablets would be a much better (not to mention *quieter*) solution. Remember, that no gum can cure bad breath. All it can do is cover it up with a different smell.

(R) At least it isn't smoking or randomly responding to people's weird web statements.
(MB) All vices in their own time and place...*grin*

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