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(R) thank you my wife has always made me feel like i am the only person who cannot stand those STUPID BOORISH IDIOTS who think that i need to know that they are chewing gum <=said in very much Sam kinnison like tones
(MB) One of my all-time favorite comedians! One of the problems with being a member of a silent majority on a given issue is that the very fact that the majority *is* silent can lead individuals to thinking that they are alone in their views. But, once people decide to start speaking up, the floodgates can open. For example, non-smokers used to suffer in silence from the carelessness of smokers. Finally, the majority spoke up and the result is a torrent of legal and societal changes meant to restrict or control that nasty habit and protect the rights of non-smokers. Now, while I don't mean to imply that gum smacking is equal to smoking as a societal evil, it's still an annoyance and a bad habit that can only be quashed if people speak up.

(R) they are losers, yes you are correct that 99% of them make noise and let you see the gum
(MB) I think part of the problem is the general "me first -- to hell with you" attitude of people who are growing up learning little about respecting others. Others actually don't realize what they are doing unless and until somebody points it out to them. Like any habit, if one does it long enough, it becomes so natural that he doesn't even know he's doing it.

(R) my gosh, how would they like it if i walked around with my zipper down and flatulated in public
(MB) Strategic farts used to be an effective weapon against inconsiderate smokers. A good tactic against gum smackers is to comment that you saw a National Geographic special showing jungle tribesmen munching on cockroaches and it looked the same way and made the same sounds.

(R) let's start a drive to ship them to Singapore so they will be jailed
(MB) *grin*

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