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(R) You are definitely exaggerating! Many people chew their gum politely,...
(MB) "Many", perhaps, but *most* certainly don't. Look around (and listen) to see how many two-legged noisy cows are out there.

(R) ...but you just knock em outta their shoes w/ this web page!!!
(MB) Maybe these folks just need a wake-up call. I hope that they just don't realize what they're doing. If they do, and choose to do it anyway, then they deserve any criticism which comes their way.

(R) Chewing gum can be annoying, though. Mostly though when a 5 year old is chewing!
(MB) If it was only small children who chewed like cows and did the nasty "snap-crackle-pop" thing all day long, there would be little to talk about.

(R) Calm down!
(MB) Calm down? Is there something wrong with pointing out a pervasive problem or trying to uncover the reasons behind what appears to be little more than a bad and annoying habit?

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