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(R) I am disappointed by the lack of progress that the disease has made. Back in the early 80's when the disease first surfaced I was in hopes it would double every 6 months or so eventually wiping humanity from the face of the earth. Much to my dismay it now appears our scientists might even be able to stop it one day.
(MB) If that was your hope, I'm afraid it was misguided right from the start. Even something as virulent as the Black Plague had no chance of even making a noticeable dent in the total human population -- even though medical science was non-existent in those days.

(R) I had so hoped it was an agent released among us by the gods who created us in order to correct their error but it now appears this was not the case.
(MB) It would seem to me that, if there were any gods with such desires and powers, they would have the power to wipe out humanity in a much more efficient manner.

(R) I haven't given up hope though because I now hear they are releasing a pathogen that will atack plants all over the world and this will lead to an 85% reduction in the number of human beings within the next 3-5 years. I cross my fingers and hope it is so.
(MB) I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any such thing to be realized.

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