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(R) As for AIDS : Again, no morals just science. In the evolution of animals, the highest life forms have in most cases through evolution reached a state of monogamus heterosexual sex.
(MB) I agree about heterosexual sex. Indeed, to claim otherwise would be ridiculous. Since we can not reproduce through homosexual sex, any creatures with genetic tendencies favoring it could not pass that trait on to their offspring.
    I would have a quibble about monogamy, however. Even among our closest genetic relatives, males tend to have a "harem" of females. This happens in many human societies (more in the past than in the present) as well. It is my contention that humans are not inherently monogamous nor that it is in our nature to mate for life. The reason most of us go against our nature is primarily due to religious and societal pressures -- not to mention the obvious fact that more sexual partners equates to a higher probability of getting some sort of sexually-transmitted disease.

(R) Any behavior that tends to reverse this process has a high probability of being eliminated. I have very little sympathy for those with aids other than accidental victims. This is the first time a large scale disease could be wiped out in a few years by a simple change in the behavior of the groups most likely to contract it.
(MB) This is exactly correct. Unfortunately, in our increasingly liberal society, too many people expect the government to step in and save them from the adverse consequences of whatever they may choose to do. Gay rights rallies produce a great hue and cry for more funding for AIDS research -- to the point where, incredibly, more money is spent for it than for cancer research. When's the last time you saw one of these rallies where the main focus was on "safe sex"?

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