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Boldfaced statements are parts of the original essay (or a subsequent reply) to which the respondent has directed his comments.

Italicized/emphasized comments prefaced by (R) are those of the respondent and are presented unedited.

My replies appear under the respondent's comments in blue text and are prefaced by my initials (MB).

(R) Abortion is nothing more than a way to 'get out' of having a baby.
(MB)There are certainly more issues involved in the decision to have an abortion than simply trying to get out of having a baby. I don't think that you will claim that all abortions are performed for the same reason.

(R) Regarding Rape I feel that yes, abortion should be an option however the majority of pregnancies that are aborted are NOT the result of rape. They are women who had unprotected sex or the contraception failed and do not wish to have a baby.
(MB)Why would you say that rape is an acceptable reason to allow an abortion while other reasons are not acceptable? The fact that rapes do not account for the majority of abortions is irrelevant. An abortion is an abortion without regard to the reason why it is performed.

(R) Well.. its simple. You do it, you deal with it.
(MB)This makes it sound as though conceiving a child is some sort of punishment for the "crime" of having sex.

(R) If a women doesn't want a baby, she should protect herself so it wont happen or deal with what becomes of it.
(MB)Most women *do* protect themselves. However, no form of birth control is 100% effective and accidental pregnancies will happen. The fact that the woman is using *any* form of birth control at all is a responsible action and is clear indication that she does *not* want to become pregnant. Why should she be punished if she becomes pregnant despite her efforts to the contrary?

(R) If you are having unprotected sex that's more or less saying "yes, if I become pregnant I will accept that".
(MB)That's a bit too simplistic. Conceiving a child is hardly the only reason (or even the primary reason) for having sex. Even if a woman has unprotected sex, that is not an admission on her part that she is willing to become pregnant. It is nothing more than very poor judgment on her part.

(R) Abortion should be illegal with the exception of rape.
(MB)Why should it be illegal at all?

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