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(R) As I said, I'm not a 'religious-person' so my viewpoint is not base at all on what The Bible says. I basically just feel that as soon as the cell splits, it's a life. You know that it is eventually going to end up becoming a person, so what's the point in putting a timeline on when it is or isn't okay to kill it?
(MB) The point revolves around the question I've often asked but for which I've yet to receive a definitive answer. That question is: What quality is it that we call "life", from where does it derive, and why must it be protected at all costs? That question must be answered successfully without any theological implications if a pro-life argument can hope to succeed.

(R) If you plant a seed in the ground, you know it's going to grow into a plant.
(MB) Well, not really. Having grown up on a farm, I know all too well that a sizable number of seeds don't sprout and another sizable portion don't produce proper plants, fruits, veggies, grains or whatever else was desired. When the worst happens, it is often necessary to weed out the bad ones so as to make it better for the good ones. At harvest time, the farmer rejoices in his healthy crop.

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