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(R) You are right. I read your bio and I see that the year you were born is the very year I graduated from high school and joined the Army--haha . Now I too spent a year in Turkey, a year in Morocco, half a year in Italy and 2 years in West Germany. We Americans have always been "Ugly Americans" as you say.
(MB) Most of that comes from the relative isolation that we have in this country. In Europe, it is nearly impossible to travel any appreciable distance without entering another country or encountering another ethnic group. Dealing with others is second nature to them. Not so to Americans since so many of us rarely ever see any "others".

(R) Well I soon got over any xenophobic inclinations exactly as you did. When I meet a man who claims to be 140,000 earth years of age and who is in possession of knowledge that leaves me speechless I will not insist he is a liar. I won't salute him either. If he allows me to speak at all I will question him until I collapse from exhaustion. You never know what you might learn from a stranger.
(MB) You are quite correct and well-spoken here. Now, do you know where I could find such a man? :-)

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