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(R) I believe pretty much the same as you, reply 2, and reply 3 (reply 1 was out there), but I just wanted to shoot old occam out. Occam's Razor saying that, given two theories that cover the topic, the simpler one is correct. Which is more simple, that on advanced alien race flys around the earth with there parking lights on, or military test planes ('ol stealth comes to mind)?
(MB) This is exactly why the burden of proof is on those who make extraordinary claims. Making the claims is easy. Backing them up is another matter. Here's an issue where I suspect that most of us would be ecstatic if the stories about UFOs were proven to be true and we could definitively settle the question about whether or not we were alone in the universe. But, because discovering that we had company would be so astounding in its implications, we must be even more careful to ensure that any evidence is throughly examined and unquestionably sound before using it to support any positive claims that we have extraterrestrial neighbors.

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