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(R) Just surfed in on your site as a result of your mail in the MythosLogos site, and found much to agree with (with reservations of course) in the few random pickings. Great site! it'll take me a while to get round it all but i'll be back!
(MB) Wonderful! Thanks for the visit and the good words. I always enjoy the comments of those who have similar philosophical interests.

(R) Naturally i made for the "smoking and drinking" essay as this is my "job" - i'm helping with the website for the Dutch Non-smokers' Association (in English and Dutch) and hope you will visit this site where you will find lots of scientific evidence to back up your view, as well as a few amusing anecdotes. You may like too the banner (which i stole from someone else) on the index page of my personal site.
(MB) I've added links to the sites you mentioned and invite other readers to visit them, as well!

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