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(R) I used to drink a lot.... didn’t care what it was most of the time, just wanted to get drunk. I gave up the alcohol because I was tired of having to drink and act like an idiot to hang out with so called friends. I agree with you about the "buzz", if it weren’t for that, people I used to hang with wouldn't drink. I loved to drink Beer.... and I still do; non-alcoholic brew for me now. So if someone says they can't stop drinking because they Love beer, they are lying, they want the alcohol. Do I still have an occasional glass of wine? Sure, with dinner once in a great while, my girl and I, but I have ONE glass, and it's not with the intension to get a buzz. I've seen alcohol destroy too many people around me. The past 6 months have been awesome, even without the alcohol. One last note: the alcohol-free party thing, my girl and I are getting married in Sept, and we're having a dry reception, and so far 80 people said they are coming, and think it's a cool idea. We'll see how it goes.
(MB) I hope that many people will read your words and get the message. My best wishes to you on your upcoming marriage and I'm sure that your party will be a big hit even without the alcohol. It's the quality of the people that makes for a good party!

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