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(R) I was just reading your 'Religion Essay' off of your web site. It seems that your take on religion closes resembles my own. In today's society though, it's hard to come out and write something like this without being seen as an 'Evil Person!" or worse. I commend you for your courage in posting your beliefs.
(MB) Sometimes, being called "evil" is the nicest thing I hear from those who try to defend their religious beliefs. That's not a problem, though. When the invectives start flying, I know that they don't really have a case or the means to defend it. I find it both strange and funny that many of these people would rather accept a homosexual "coming out of the closet" than accept a person's statement of non-belief in God.

(R) I was raised a Catholic. Over the last few years I've spent some time reading a lot of information off of the web and in different articles. I've realized that most people's religious beliefs are based on the same thing as most of their beliefs, their surroundings.
(MB) That's what I call "roll-your-own" religion or "Man created God in his own image and likeness". Actually, you'll find similar things in all religious systems. I consider that to be solid evidence that they were invented by Man for Man and were not passed down from anywhere else.

(R) I'm not going to say that I do or don't believe in God. My basic standpoint when I get into discussions with people about this type of stuff is, "I don't know" Then I tell them that I would love it if they could prove their point so I could also believe. That's where the conversation normally turns to them saying, "The Bible this... and God said..." NO PROOF!!
(MB) You have a very rational point of view here. Too many people rely on the dogmatic spin-doctoring since that has been pounded into them since before they were even old enough to understand what was going on. It's scary to listen to the robotic recitations and see the glassy-eyed stares that usually accompany them. Beliefs are fine, but one should be able to do more than chant mantras in their support. I hope you will keep thinking!

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