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(R) Obviously, faith plays a large role in all of our lives. If you have even a smidgeon of scientific knowlege you will understand that every theory from Evolution to quantum theory is of faith - causing the famous quote "At the end of the day, of the question, and of the universe, all we are certain of is faith."
(MB) You are misrepresenting the word "faith" here. Religious faith, i.e., the belief in something despite a total lack of supporting evidence, is not the same thing as the "faith" in the truth of something for which there *is* supporting evidence. Scientific "faith" is the belief that the universe is rational and consistent and that one observation of any phenomena will produce the same results as any other observation of the same phenomena. This is why there is only one "science", but there are thousands of different and mutually-exclusive versions of religion.

(R) In number theory like i.e. one and one is two...there is no such actual representation in the universe - even the smallest recordable sub atomic particles have infinitesimally small variations in vibration and other traits.
(MB) What does your second statement have to do with the first? And, what does either of them have to do with the question of faith?

(R) Another example...Have you ever considered the mathematical expression called "imaginary numbers?"
(MB) In mathematics, an imaginary number is something like the square root of -1. They have meaning as the solutions to various equations. The simplest example would be the value of 'x' in the equation "x2 = -1". The value of "x" in that equation is an imaginary number. This is basic mathematics. What does this have to do with the issue of faith?

(R) So my suggestion is you should understand that you are a person of faith and you should get your act together and be more serious with this webpage. You just might find yourself among friends.
(MB) I am quite serious about this and I *do* find myself among friends here. Why would I be better off to abandon reason, logic, facts and evidence in favor of blind faith and religion?

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