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(R) Say, did you see the 20 July issue of Newsweek? The cover story and lead article was "Science Discovers God." I must say, it's gratifying to see a highly respected, major news magazine runs an article like that.
(MB) If the assertion published in Newsweek was actually true, how is it that none of the other major (and minor) news publications and broadcast media picked up on it with their own coverage and similar articles? One would rightly think that such a momentous discovery wouldn't be confined exclusively to Newsweek. In fact, any verification that science had actually "discovered" God ought to have pushed every other story onto the back pages. Obviously, this hasn't happened.
    Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion is to acknowledge that this story is what's commonly called "fluff" or "filler" -- something used to attract readers and/or fill pages in the absence of real, hard news. Newsweek (and most other news magazines) use some amount of filler in every issue. If the filler subject is something of popular interest that might help sell magazines (and nothing else that week merits a prominent position on the cover), the splash for the story can gain the cover. I'm sure that Newsweek sold a great number of copies with that story prominently occupying the cover. However, the answer to whether or not science has actually discovered God is still an unquestioned and resounding "No!".
    You may wish to peruse this web page for an additional opinion on the Newsweek article. Additionally, check out this web page for a transcript of a lecture entitled "Has Science Found God?".

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