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(R) just stumbled across your website, will make time later to check it out more but for now I must ask, have you read "the jesus conspiracy" or books of this nature? Jesus was in fact the third christ in his lifetime, the new testament has many quotations when thebrainwashed of paul(christians) stumbled across churches already constructed in the name of john the baptist, this is where the famous saying arose. Your baptist isnt worthy to even wash the feet of my jesus..
(MB) I've read many books and articles on the subject. It is rather apparent that even so basic an issue as whether or not there actually was an historical Jesus raises considerable debate. There is considerable informed opinion that "Jesus" was invented by those who founded Christianity and that the Gospel writers only codified the stories used by those people to spread their message.

(R) and by the way, the turin shroud is indeed a fake, not because of radiocarbon dating, but for a more simple reason, the blood flows on the soles of the feet all move towards the toes, the shroud was put on the body after crucifixion, the blood is defying gravity by flowing upwards.
(MB) While I have no doubts that the Shroud of Turin is a fake, there is another explanation for the blood on the feet seeming to flow upwards. While Jesus was still on the cross, the blood would have been flowing towards the toes of his feet and it is very likely that some would have still been on his feet when he was removed from the cross. Any cloth that would have been laid over his body may have picked up the blood on his feet, thus, giving the impression that it was flowing upwards. Also, consider that blood would not have flowed after he was dead, so any blood on the Shroud would have to have been picked up from that which was already on the body prior to the time of death.
Therefore, I don't think that the argument you have offered can successfully be used as disproof of any authenticity of the Shroud. Fortunately, there are many other disproofs available -- to include the historical confession of the person who created it back in the 1300's.

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