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(R) I realize that you may chose the subject of any conversation, but have you ever thought of it this way? ---- If you were in a discussion and you told the person that the Bible (what ever version) doesn't mean anything to you cause you don't believe in it, then what do you believe in?
(MB) I believe in things that can be supported by evidence and compelling, rational logic. The question you raise seems to assume that somebody must believe in a supernatural deity of some sort. It's also a reflection of the erroneous, if somewhat popular, view that people who don't believe in God just don't believe in anything at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. An expressed disbelief in God means only that one doesn't believe in God. It says nothing at all about what one does believe in.

(R) All the things writen are from man, even the bible. So what ever text is writen do you believe in that? Well then I throw that out. *S*
(MB) If a written work recounts objective evidence, results of experiments, and compelling argument in favor of something, that work can gain credibility in support of its subject matter. The Bible is credible as a history of the life and times of the Jews. As support for God, however, it doesn't pass muster.

(R) Therefore the only thing that you can believe is either some thing you heard or some thing you read.
(MB)...or something you have discovered on your own through your own efforts.

(R) You could say that I am just playing on words but yet that is the art of journalism.... I am very for you web site and like your pieces. I hope that you comtinue to do a good job. Just wanted to make people think a little.
(MB) That's the reason why I offer this forum and post the replies I get whether or not I might personally agree with what they say. One must have access to all sides of a debate in order to make a sound decision as to which side is better. Thanks for your comments and I hope I'll hear from you concerning other essays!

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