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(R) Anyone who insists on being pedantic and waiting for the end of 2000 to celebrate will miss all the big parties and bashes!
(MB) I won't miss anything. I'll still attend my choice of New Year's Eve parties prior to 1 Jan 2000 and 1 Jan 2001 as I have done for New Year's Eve of so many previous years. I doubt that the parties will be any different. If one goes to a party to celebrate "The Millennium", why not celebrate in *both* years so he can cover both bases and have twice as much fun? On the other hand, since there's really nothing that will actually happen on those dates other than an arbitrary event in calendrics, it won't make any real difference when or whether one celebrates.

(R) The vast majority of people have already made their decision as when to celebrate. In the long run, the public, "right" or "wrong" makes the decision.
(MB) Of course, whether any given proposition is "right" or "wrong" is not dependent upon how many people believe it or dispute it.

(R) The elitists say a preposition is not to be used to end a sentence with. They are being swept away by the public! I used to differentiate between "who" and "whom", but now people laugh at the use of "whom".
(MB) Rules of grammar are mostly arbitrary constructs. Remember the old joke that goes something like:
Winston Churchill: "That is something I shall not put up with"
Lady: "Mr. Churchill, you shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition"
Churchill: "OK. That is something up with which I shall not put"

(R) We no longer say "how art thou?".
(MB) Depends on how silly one is trying to be or whether or not you're trying to pick up a literature major at a singles bar...*grin*

(R) There comes a time when bootless rearguard action has to be abandoned, and new territory entered!
(MB) No need to wait for the next millennium (whenever that might start) in order to do that!

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