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(R) Because there is no really clear way to prove exactly when Jesus was born, then there is no way to prove the actual new millennium. It will be just another day like the day before or the day after. Besides, who's to say we have not already reached the year 2000, and we just don't know it.
(MB) The whole thing is entirely dependent upon which religion and which calendar system you subscribe to and where you want to start your reckoning. An interesting thought that Gould points out in his book begins with the creation date as figured by Bishop James Ussher -- October 23, 4004 BC. If this is taken to be true, and one also accepts the tales of pending apocalypse that is supposed to take place when the world gets to be 6000 years old, then the Apocalypse actually began on October 23 of this year (1997)!! Since it is now December 24, 1997 as I write this (and I am still around to write), it can be safely assumed that things have been delayed a bit... :-)

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