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(R) In response to your comment that "Although we are omnivorous and can survive on plant food alone (how well is still a good question..." I don't eat animals or animal products for the one reason that it is bad for ones health.
(MB) How is eating meat or other animal products "bad" for you? Certainly, overindulgence of practically any food can have detrimental effects, but how does one's health suffer from reasonable consumption of animal-based food?

(R) (Protein is the biggest 'argument' but I assure you, one can do just fine with tofu,beans, etc.)
(MB) As far as protein goes, I would tend to agree with you. However, there are other essential nutrients supplied by meat and animal products (such as iron) that are difficult to obtain in proper quantities from a purely vegetarian diet and which will require one to take vitamin and/or mineral supplements in addition to the tofu and beans.

(R) I happen to be much healthier then your avg. Joe.
(MB) So am I, and there's not much that I like better than a nice, thick steak. One's health is a mix of balance and discipline in diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

(R) I also completely agree with you about how animals have no (human) rights.
(MB) That seems to be such an obvious fact that it's hard to fathom why there should even be any question about it.

(R) By the way, great web site!
(MB) I'm glad you like it. Thanks for your contribution!

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