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(R) I wanted to comment and congratulate on your stance on the use of drugs.
(MB) Thank you! It's refreshing to hear voices of agreement instead of the torrent of semi-literate opposition that these sorts of debate topics usually draw.

(R) I myself am completely substance free, and have a very low opinion of those people that use drugs because it's they only way they think they can party. The same goes with alcohol.
(MB) Absolutely. Unfortunately, it seems like few people wish to invest the time and effort it takes to develop skills in any sport or activity that would lead to maximum enjoyment without chemical assistance. Drugs (and alcohol) are instant gratification. Unfortunately, they're also fleeting gratification whose long-term detriments would seem to far outweigh any temporary highs.

(R) Although I did want to mention a few things about your article that I feel maybe incorect at least in some senses.
(MB) Ok, fire away (donning flak vest)...*grin*

(R) First off, you had pointed out that drug users are all wastes of space for the most part. They don't make enough money to pay for their habit and thus have to commit crimes in order to do so. Now even though that is a good point in some cases, it certainly does not hold true for all people.
(MB) No generalization holds for all people, but exceptions don't necessarily disprove the general rule.

(R) A good example is with cocaine. A few years ago and still some now the only people that used cocaine were the rich yuppies, They led productive lives, but they also were the ones using the coke.
(MB) It's been said that "cocaine is God's way of telling you that you're too rich". Habitual users may be able to remain productive in the short-term, but I doubt there are any cases of successful long-term abusers. This is a tragedy since it's likely that most of these folks are important executives or others who might have made more of a positive contribution to society if they had remained drug-free.

(R) Or what about college students-in terms of the ones that work their butts off academically, but on the weekends decide to have a little party. As an RA in my sophomore year of college, I have met many of these people, and some of whom are quite intelligent and productive.
(MB) Will they continue to be so if their habit continues or intensifies over the years? It's likely that it will take a while to catch up to them and overwhelm them. Better not to ever have started.

(R) It is my opinion that you were a little bit hasty in your judgement/condemnent of users.
(MB) If one considers the long-term, I'm not so sure that my opinion of them is harsh enough. "To each his own" is something I have no quibble with on the purely personal and private level, but drug use almost never remains private.

(R) However, again I do agree with the rest of the article, I just wish that more people in this world would smarten up, and not waste their time and money on a few cheap thrills. I gotta tell you a good friend of mine is a recovering addict, who up until a year ago, was into pretty much all drugs, and at the same time earned quite high grades. At the same time however, I have also seen the side effects and such of an addict, and it's not a pretty sight.
(MB) Too bad that most young people who are considering beginning to experiment with drugs aren't first introduced to those who have become victims of their addiction. Then again, even if they were, how many would rationalize "that won't happen to me"? Too many young people (if not people in general) think they are invulnerable and immortal.

(R) Next, I agree with you about in terms of the claim that drug use is victimless, I say that's a lot of bull. I've seen the side effects of it, and such, and I can think is how sad it truly is.
(MB) You couldn't be more correct.

(R) Just wanted to let you know my opinion on the subject matter, since it is something that I take great interest in.
(MB) Thanks for sending in your comments! I hope you will have success in helping people to see the light.

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