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(R) My main gripe with the DH rule is the fact that it increases offense; I've little interest in watching the 11-4, 15-5 type games which seem to pollute the AL these days. When the teams are scoring fewer runs, there will be more close games. More close games means more excitement.
(MB) While the DH rule increases offense, the amount of increase is not enough to account for the stereotypical big-scoring American League game. The American League is a power-hitter's league, while the National League is more of a speed and base-hitter's league. Also, since both teams use the DH, any increase in scoring should apply equally to both teams and close, exciting games should be just as prevalent. Consider that 10-9 and 2-1 are equally close games. I enjoy watching both and each produces its own brand of excitement.
    Big-scoring blowout games are produced by a combination of factors. Inept pitching and defense are two of the biggest contributors to those scores.

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