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(R) You make some valid points. I do not believe, however, that retaining a substandard fielder at skyrocket salaries justifies the DH for added offense. To counter the argument I know you will offer, I agree that a pitcher that plays in 1 out 5 games and makes $12m/y is out of line, too.
(MB)The salary structure in today's game is so completely out of whack that it's hard to use it as an argument to prove or disprove anything other than the stupidity of the owners or the greed of the players. The only thing I would note here in conjunction with the DH rule is that no full-time DH is among the highest-paid players in the game. Given their contributions to their teams' offense, it would seem like money well spent.

(R) All this DH thing does is take salary room from teams and forces them to hang on to older, broken down ball players.
(MB)I don't think a case can be made to support that argument. Is there an example of any American League team where this is actually the situation?

(R) Thank you for providing this format. I have been itching to debate this DH thing with someone for years.
(MB)I'll be posting our exchanges to my web site shortly so that others may read and benefit from our discussion. I believe that all reasonable arguments on both sides of the issue should be aired so that the best final decision can be made.

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