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(R) By "value" I mean only in the measurement of work that can be obtained from a "slave-prisoner." With our present technology nothing can compare to the efficiency of a human in the job of picking up trash for example.
(MB) Quite correct. I fully support chain gangs and other programs that would put convicts to work for the benefit of society. However, the thought of essentially sentencing somebody to a lifetime of trash removal doesn't quite seem to be equable restitution for the crime of murder.

(R) Do you suggest killing the person for the sole reason of "Revenge" (officially known as "justice") for the family of the victim?
(MB) Any form of judicial confinement or other penalties handed down to a convicted criminal essentially amount to a form of revenge. What is revenge other than one person saying "You'll pay for that" to someone else who has wronged him and then acting in accordance with that statement? By tradition, legal penalties are supposed to fit the crime. Execution, therefore, would seem to be an appropriate penalty for murder or other serious crime for which no amount of restitution would be sufficient.

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